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EU's highest court finds EU laws do not cover sharia divorce

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The European Union's highest court on Wednesday ruled that the EU cannot determine the validity of private divorces settled under Islamic sharia law, following a case brought forward by two Syrians living in Germany.
The Court of Justice found that regulation covered only divorces that were pronounced by a national court or under the supervision of a public authority, and a divorce that resulted from a unilateral declaration from one spouse before a religious court, such as the case involved, did not come within the scope of the Rome III Regulation.
In 2013, Mamisch dissolved his marriage by having a representative pronounce the divorce formula before the religious sharia court in Latakia, Syria.
The president of the Munich Higher Regional Court rejected Sahyouni's claim in April 2014, on the grounds that the divorce was governed by the Rome III Regulation, which also applies to private divorces.
"In the absence of a valid choice of applicable law and a common habitual residence of the spouses in the year preceding the divorce, the applicable law is determined in accordance with Article 8(c) of that regulation. Where both spouses have dual nationality, the decisive factor is their effective nationality within the meaning of national law. At the time of the divorce at issue, their effective nationality was Syrian," the court said.
Following the Court of Justice's ruiling that the EU cannot have a say on private divorces settled under sharia law, the case will now be taken back to the Munich court yet again.
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